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Cara buat duit melaliu Fingo
Cara Nak Dapatkan Tiket Flight Murah Yang Ramai Tak Tahu

Kebanyakan kita bila nak travel,perkara pertama paling perlu di cari adalah tiket penerbangan. Jadi kita pasti nak jimat kan kos tiket penerbangan ni sebab rata-rata tiket penerbangan lah yang menyumbang kos trip kita jadi tinggi. Betul? Jadi kali ni kami kongsikan kepada anda bagaimana anda boleh jimat kan duit anda semasa anda beli tiket. Boleh teruskan baca..

1 – Dapatkan ‘Notification Alert’ Dari Syarikat Penerbangan

Bagaimana untuk anda dapatkan ‘notification alert’ adalah dengan sentiasa ‘follow’, subscribe’ dan ‘turn on’ notifikasi daripada social media dan emel syarikat penerbangan seperti Air Asia, MAS, dan lain-lain. Jadi bila ada promosi seperti potongan harga, FreeSeat, dan pelbagai lagi, anda adalah orang yang terawal akan mendapat notifikasi. Untuk Air Asia, selalunya 6-12 bulan sebelum mereka akan adakan promosi FreeSeat.

2 – Bandingkan Harga Tiket Antara Syarikat Penerbangan

Sekarang lebih mudah, anda hanya perlu menggunakan carian ‘Google’ untuk membuat perbandingan harga. Gunakan laman web seperti Kayak, Kiwi, Skyscanner, Google Flight, juga Momondo terutamanya jika anda bercadang untuk bercuti ke luar negara. Ini kerana laman-laman web tadi akan menyenaraikan pelbagai syarikat penerbangan untuk satu route yang sama beserta harga. Jangan terkejut jika harga di paparkan lebih murah berbanding yang di tawarkan di laman web syarikat penerbangan itu sendiri.

3 – Bandingkan Harga 1 Hala / 2 Hala / Terus / Transit

Ramai yang tidak tahu harga tiket penerbangan untuk satu hala, dua hala, flight terus atau transit sebenarnya berbeza. Kadang-kadang, satu hala lebih murah berbanding dua hala, boleh jadi juga sebaliknya. Ianya berlaku juga jika anda memilih untuk penerbangan terus atau transit. jadi rajin-rajinkanlah diri anda untuk membuat kajian sebelum menempah tiket ye.

4 – Dapatkan Tiket Hari Selasa & Rabu, Waktu 12 Malam

Majoriti kita akan mula bercuti bila bermulanya hujung minggu. Jadi kebanyakan tiket akan lebih mahal tiap kali hujung minggu berbanding dengan hari Selasa & Rabu. Jika anda bercadang untuk becuti panjang, mungkin anda boleh plan untuk pergi bercuti bermula Rabu dan pulang pada minggu hadapannya pada hari Selasa. Dan waktu 12 malam juga merupakan waktu di mana tiket harga akan ditawarkan dengan harga yang murah.

5 – Pilih Lapangan Terbang Alternatif

Sebelum menempah tiket, buat ‘research’ dahulu berkaitan tempat yang bakal anda pergi. Jika terdapat lapangan terbang alternatif daripada lapangan terbang utama, anda boleh bandingkan harga antara lapangan terbang tersebuat. Semestinya harga akan berbeza walaupun jarak antara lapangan terbang tidaklah jauh mana. Jadi anda pilihlah yang mana lebih murah untuk jimat!

6 – Gunakan Incognito Web & Buang ‘cookies’

Gunakan incognito web bila melakukan carian di Google atau buang ‘cookies’ di web carian anda. Bila gunakan Incognito ni bermaksud anda lakukan carian secara privasi. Manakala ‘Cookies’ di sini bukanlah bermaksud biskut. hehe.. Jika anda faham penggunaan cookies ini sebenarnya ianya mengesan pengguna web setiap kali melawati sesuatu laman sesawang . Ianya digunakan untuk tujuan ‘retargeting’. Jadi bila anda lawati laman sesawang sistem tempahan syarikat penerbangan berulang kali, mungkin anda akan lihat harga tiket akan jadi lebih mahal dari sebelumnya!

7 – Gunakan Kad Kredit/Kad Ahli Syarikat Petrol Untuk Tebus Point

Ramai juga yang tidak tahu kelebihan menggunakan kad kredit ni. Sebenarnya anda boleh menebus ‘point’ kepada ‘point’ tiket penerbangan. Sebagai contoh bila anda membuat pelbagai pembelian menggunakan Kad Kredit Maybank, anda akan peroleh ‘point’. Dan dari ‘point’ itu anda boleh redeem untuk tukarkan ke BIG Point Air Asia. Selain kad kredit, kad ahli petron miles, petronas mesra card dan shell bonus card juga memberikan ‘point’ yang boleh di tukar ke point tiket penerbangan. Jadi anda boleh dapatkan harga tiket yang murah bila anda redeem ‘point’ tadi.

8-Terbaru! Air Asia memperkenalkan BIG Pay kad jimatkan tempahan tiket

Jika sebelum ini semasa membuat pembayaran tiket anda dikenakan caj RM4 jika menggunakan perbankan internet dan RM16 jika menggunakan kad kredit. Kini anda boleh mendapatkan penjimatan ‘Zero Processing Fee’ dengan menggunakan Big Pay kad.
Dan yang paling best, Big Pay kad boleh digunakan di Lazada, Shoppe, petrol pam, beli barangan di Tesco dan Giant dan banyak lagi. Setiap transaksi anda akan memperoleh Big Point dan boleh untuk redeem ‘point’ di BIG Store mahupun BIG point untuk tiket penerbangan Air Asia. Sangat berbaloi!
Boleh ikuti STEP-STEP di bawah ini untuk dapatkan kad Big Pay anda.
1 – Download dan install apps BIGPay di Play Store atau App Store.
2 – Apply kad BIGPay melalui apps BIGPay
3 – Masukkan kod ni *NPBGGCUCAQ*
4 – Top up RM20 untuk aktifkan kad tersebut.
5 – Kad akan di pos ke alamat rumah anda secara percuma, mengambil masa 2-3 hari.
Setelah kad sampai, anda boleh gunakan kad itu untuk pembelian di Tesco, Giant, tiket penerbangan Air Asia dan banyak lagi. Selamat mencuba!


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Grand Riverview Hotel Kota Bharu

Kelantan's Hospitality Begins Here...

The best hotel in Kelantan for 2008
Stay for 2 nite here.....nice and affordale....view of Sg.Kelantan.
RM195 per nite with brakfast...


The Grand Riverview Hotel is centrally located in Kota Bharu the capital city of Kelantan Darul Naim. The state is a unique travel destination known for its splendid beaches, rich cultural, ornate handicrafts and wood carvings. The hotel is situated along the Kelantan River and is within walking distance to business, shopping and cultural zone ideal for business and leisure travelers. You will also find batik and songket fabrics are among the best in the country. The laid-back atmosphere, rustic charms and friendly locals add to Kelantan’s appeal.

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Top Ten Cheap Backpacking Tips

Top Ten Cheap Backpacking Tips

Here is a list of some good backpacking tips if you are on a budget. And let’s face it, what college student is not on a budget these days? Just because you are pinching pennies doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun backpacking trip. It does mean being smart, finding ways to cut corners, and having a little extra left over at the end of your trip. With these tips below you will be having a great trip in no time and worry free with your money.
Young woman hiking in summerYoung woman hiking in summerYoung woman hiking in summerYoung woman hiking in summerYoung woman hiking in summerYoung woman hiking in summer

1. Pack light

The key to backpacking is ‘less is more’. Stick to this rule of thumb and you will be all set. Sometimes students love to go overboard and bring six swimsuits and ten pairs of jeans. Well guess what, this is not the way to effectively backpack a place. If you are being boggled down by too much stuff then you will miss out some great opportunities like seeing more things and catching that last minute train. You will also save money with airlines for not paying extra for overweight luggage or checked bags.

2. Leave valuables at home

There is really no need to bring your favorite ring you got for graduation of those earrings Dad gave you for your birthday. When backpacking the idea is to only have the basics on hand. Keep this in mind; only have things on you that you don’t mind too much to replace. Not to say it isn’t a bummer to have to get new clothing if your bag gets swiped, but it is a whole lot easier than something you will really miss not having.

3. Let someone know

Often people make the mistake of taking off on a trip and not telling family or friends. Even if you don’t want Mom and Dad breathing down your back, it’s a really good idea to let someone back home have a general idea of where you are going and how long you will be gone. Also have a way of getting in touch with you. The last thing you want is for some emergency on your end or at home and having no means of communication.

4. Get a hostel with a kitchen

When you are booking a hostel check to see if they have a communal kitchen or complimentary breakfast. Often there is a kitchen available for use with some utensils and cooking items. Making a couple meals at your hostel will save you and your friends a lot of money in the long run.

5. Buy a train pass

If you know you will be backpacking in one area, such as Northern Europe, Southern Europe, or Asia, then you can pre-purchase a train pass that allows you to travel within certain countries for a set amount of time. This elevates the stress of waiting in long lines at train stations. Plus you will end up saving money because you bought in bulk. Just be sure to

6. Be careful of gypsies

Many countries, even the most cosmopolitan, have some form of gypsies. These women and sometimes men are trained to feed on tourists. They know right away that you are not a local and that they can take advantage of you. The best way to save money when backpacking is to keep your money close to you. The fastest way to lose money when traveling is by a gypsy stealing it right from under you.

7. Buy alcohol at a store

Bars and clubs love charging tourists for drinks. In major cities especially they know when you are coming and where to get you. For instance, around major tourist sites bars will charge more for beers then in other places knowing that you aren’t going to stray too far. If you buy your alcohol at a store then you can pregame at your hostel and buy less drinks when you go out. Many cities also allow public drinking. So check the guide books first for this.

8. Bring your own snacks

Bringing some energy bars or granola bars with you during the day can help fight off hunger cravings in between meals. Snacks during the day can easily add up to just as much money as a meal. With bars in hand you won’t be spending your money on unnecessary snacks and can save it for other things.

9. Walk instead of taking a cab

It may feel easier to hop a cab and head to a destination. But don’t do it! Between the mileage cost, tipping, and of course the added secret tourist fee (many cab drivers charge tourists more than locals because they don’t disclose rates) you are looking at a hefty bill. Walking a little extra is good for your body and then environment not to mention your wallet. If something is really out of walking range then take a bus or metro. They tend to run less then $2 in most cities around the world.

10. Watch your drink cards at clubs

In a lot of European countries clubs require drink cards at the door. Clubs hand them out, you get them punched each time you order a drink, and then when you leave you cash out. There are many instances of drunk club goers getting extra punches and not taking notice so they get charged double. Also if you loose your card, good luck. The fees for a lost card can be astronomical. So just make sure you keep track of your drink card and who is punch them.

4 more info: visit here


The Classic European Explorer Route
Brief tour summary: Join us for the Full Monty of traveling and sight seeing in Europe - it doesn't get better than this! This comprehensive tour is designed to make sure that you explore and experience the best of everything: sightseeing, exploring, partying and everything that contributes to you having the time of your life. Highlights include: Paris sights like the Eiffel tower and Notre Dame; Burgundy Chateaux visit and wine tasting; Avignon in the Provence region famous for lavender, good food and fine wines Rub shoulders with the rich and famous in Monaco or work on your tan in the French Riviera; Tuscany Food and wine; Florence and Pisa; Ancient sights of Rome; Gondola in Venice; Stay in a traditional Swiss mountain village; Black Forest with Rhine valley boat cruise; Wooden shoe making, cheese tasting and a guided tour of Amsterdam's Red-light district!

Clikc here:Europe Explorer

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bangkok trip


27.9.10---Dari rumah ke Airport Kuantan
5.00am-----Click here to view Kuantan airport

6.50am---from Kuantan to Kl...Flight MH1263..tambang RM150/orang
7.30am---reached KLIA.Get information on KLIAKLIA website:
Have brakfast and tea...pokok buluh cafe....untuk pemandu and sedap. bus to LCCT...RM1.90.
Here how to get there.
Get some info about LCCT

ramai orang kat LCCT.

From LCCT terminal ..Flight AK742..KUL-Bangkok ..reach Suvarnabhumi Airport
Sampai Bangkok ontime...bagus perkhidmatan Airasia kali ini.

Penerbangan memakan masa 2 jam...dipenuhi dengan order makan...sayang Nasi Lemak Pak Nasir tiada....terpaksa makan Nasi Lemak sotong dengan air Milo kos RM13.

Di Bangkok ada kawan dah tunggu...dan terus ke Bandar Bangkok...dari airport mengambil masa dalam 1 jam....macam Klia ke KL juga...highway bagus.
Terus ke restoran Islam....waktu Maghrib...makan makanan Thai..tomyam,,,ok jugak.
Check In Hotel..Bangkok Palace
Room 9073...ok agak bersih ..mungkin dah sampai agak gelap pukul 8.30pm
Jaln2 ke Nite Bazaar...

Hari Kedua
6.00pg...breakfast...hanya boleh makan roti....makanan lain Tidak halal.
Makassan Coffe shop.
6.30pg...menaiki van ke Aryanphratet...boleh lihat
Perjalanan sejauh hampir 250km....memakan masa 5 jam...melalui highway Bangkok-Aryanphratet..
Dalam perjalanan ..tanaman padi,ubi kayu,tebu,pokok jati,getah...kawasan rata.
Berhenti rehat R&R...tandas bagus tapi nak makan susah..ada kedai 7eleven dan kiosk ATM..sampai terus makan makana Islam....dimasak oleh Islam Kemboja..
Masakan sedap...sup tulang dan telur dadar serta sayur campur spt makanan Thai...
memang sedap...terus bersiar2 di pekan Aryanphratet...luas gerai hanpir2 sama pekan Rantau Pajanang...barang2 agak murah tp kurang kualiti.
Bermalam di Aran Mermaid Hotel

Hari Ke 3.

Dari Aran ke Bangkok...tiada aktiviti kecuali shopping di Indra..terlalu ramai
pengunjung ...tapi seronok shopping barang jenama tiruan pun banyak.

Hari ke 4.
Bertolak balik ke Malaysia.
AK739..masih gagal mendapatkan Nasi Lemak PAk Nasir.
Samapai KLia pukul 4 ptg..terus ke Daun Cafe ...makan kuey teow...sedap baru ada rasa Malysia.
Naik bas ke KL Central(SkyBus)...RM9...dari Kl Central naik LRT Rm2.50 sampai Titiwangsa..berdiri dalam LRT sesak orang balik kerja.
Sampai Pekeliling terus naik basPlusliner RM20....sampai Terminal Makmur Kuantan jam 11.30mlm...sewa teksi ke rumah RM20.

Alhamdulilah selamat sampai umah 11.45mlm

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Sleeping Bags ' How To Select The Right One For Your Needs

Sleeping Bags ' How To Select The Right One For Your Needs

There are such a large variety of sleeping bags on the market that the first-time buyer sometimes feels bewildered and doesn't know what to look for when buying one. We will try to set out a few important aspects to keep in mind in this regard.

In the first place you have to consider your budget. The cheapest reasonable quality sleeping bag will probably cost around a hundred dollars. There is virtually no upper limit. Only you can decide how much you want to spend and this should largely be determined by how much money you have and what you want to use the sleeping bag for.

What type of sleeping bag should you buy? This depends on what you want to use it for. If you need it for periodic camping trips with the family under normal weather conditions, you obviously needs a different type of bag than when you plan to trek for a week in the Rockies.

The fill of the sleeping bag is a very important factor to consider. If you will be hiking a lot and the weather will not be extreme, choose a lightweight material. It will be easier to carry and still provide sufficient protection during the odd cold night.

Should you plan to do serious hiking under adverse weather conditions, you will have to buy a bag with a top quality fill offering excellent insulation. This does not have to be weight a ton though ' you do get lightweight material nowadays that provide excellent protection against cold conditions. These type of bags comes with a temperature rating, so you can easily see whether it will be suitable for your purposes.

The shell of the bag is also important. You should once again buy a bag with a type of shell that is suitable for the conditions you want to use it under. If the terrain is rugged with many rocks and scrubs, select a shell that will be able to withstand a lot of abuse.

The lining is often overlooked when people buy sleeping bags and is therefore often the cause of buyer's remorse. You should be looking for material that is strong yet soft and warm. It shouldn't tear easily ' once that happens you can basically throw the bag away. It should also allow for air to circulate. Plastic would therefore be the worst type of material to use as a lining.

Modern sleeping bags also come in a variety of colors and styles. You are therefore sure to find something that fits your image as a serious backpacker or mountaineer.

About the author:
Michael Russell writes regularly on a website on various tools and accessories relating to camping like the pocket knives, tents, and the sleeping bags. The website provides bags for all seasons including those for the kids on the move and other items like the air mattress.

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